Enter Talia, a worldly woman raised in a lively, embracing community of Ukrainian immigrants.  A chance meeting with a Lutheran pastor, Charlie, surprisingly takes them down the aisle.  Talia has always been the big-city individualist – Charlie is a small-town guy raised on a dairy farm.  Talia has an unfettered spirit and personality – Charlie has been called to serve a Lutheran congregation in a small, conservative and very Scandinavian community.  

Born and educated as an entertainer, Peterson’s stories of humor, tragedy and everything in-between will captivate readers with behind-the-scenes insights of expectation and discovery, both in Talia’s personal life and in her role as The Pastor’s Wife. Though “all the world’s a stage and men and women merely players,” Natalia Peterson compellingly unveils that at some point, we must all take off our costumes and embrace our authentic selves.

I'm Not The Pastor's Wife Book Cover

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